Coba Reborn Slot Review (Elk Studios) – Info, Bonus Features, RTP & Rating

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Coba Reborn paytable

Long abandoned temples in the jungles of Indonesia set the scene for this online slot from Elk Studios bursting with orchids, snakes and all manner of tropical creatures – it’s called Coba Reborn and it comes with a cluster gameplay mechanic, a progressive feature meter, orchid bonuses and helpful snakes.

Coba Reborn plays out on the 7 x 7 grid shown above and your task is to land at least five matching symbols or wilds anywhere on the reels – symbols involved in a win will be removed and replaced by more falling in from above to potentially create more matches.

The remains of an ancient temple can be seen in the background, perhaps a replica of one in the original Mayan city of Coba. Whatever its purpose once was it is now being reclaimed by the humid jungle.

The highest value symbols are the stylised golden mask and the gems in red, blue and green while the disks displaying monkeys, lizards and turtles represent the lower values.

Coba Reborn Bonus Features

Snake Meter

Every winning symbol in a spin is collected into the Snake Meter above the reels and you’ll be trying to fill up half of the meter first and then fill it completely:

Meter Half Full – a random number of wild symbols are added to the reels.

Meter Full – three snakes appear from one of the six snake heads on the sides of the reels.

The meter will then empty and it can be filled up again three more times – the next completion will repeat the appearance of three snakes while the following two will introduce six snakes. Filling halfway will add more random wilds.

Snakes will always end up as a cluster of at least five symbols and the first position they move over becomes the symbol of that cluster. They’ll continue moving until they expire and this happens when in a movement of five positions they don’t encounter their selected symbol, a wild or an orchid.

When a snake moves over a matching symbol or wild it grows in length by one segment. A snake crossing another snakes path will result in an increased multiplier on that position.


There are four different orchids which can appear on the reels and their particular abilities are activated in different ways:

Blood Orchid – this is activated when it appears along with another orchid and a snake will spawn from its position.

Hydra Orchid – an extra snake is spawned when a snake already on the move eats a Hydra Orchid.

Rebirth Orchid – an expired snake will reactivate if a Rebirth Orchid lands on its head.

Ouroboros Orchid – after eating one of these this essentially gives the snake an extra life if it crosses its own path. A wild multiplier is left on the crossing point.


We always like a bit of innovation in an online slot and Coba Reborn gives us plenty of that with the snake infestations and the orchid feature; it’s all high quality stuff and very entertaining but slightly let down by an RTP of just 94.00%.

Coba Reborn FAQs

Tell me the basic details!
Coba Reborn is a video slot from Elk Studios with seven reels and a cluster gameplay mechanic.How much per spin?
It costs between £0.10 and £20.00 per spin.
Does it have any bonus features?
Yes! Snakes, the snake meter and the orchids.
What’s the RTP?
The Return To Player percentage listed by the developer is 94.00% but always check the value your casino is using.
How to win on Coba Reborn?
Create wins by landing at least clusters of at least five matching symbols or wilds. Trigger one of the features.
Where can I play Coba Reborn?
You can play this slot at the casinos listed above or just click the button below to head straight there.
PROS:clever cluster mechanicsnake featureorchid rewards

Author: Eric Patterson